Hot Tips to Optimise Your Work-Life Balance

August 14, 2018


Work-life balance is so important for so many reasons, due to the implications that imbalance can cause. Your alarm bells should ring if you know you are working long hours, prioritising and obsessing over work and having poor sleep, as these can impact not only your mental health, with a greater likelihood of anxiety and depression, but also physical health with greater risks of having a stroke and coronary heart disease.

How can you make those alarm bells disappear?

Get the most out of work to get the most out of free time

I’m talking to the people that think ‘I don’t have plans, I can just finish it off tonight when I get home’. This deadly trap will get you caught in the cycle of all work and no play. It’s in human nature to want to socialise, get outdoors and do activities, so why do we choose the hard route of sitting inside and letting work take over our ‘free’ time?

Plan your meals for the week

This might seem like an obvious one, but often it becomes difficult when you are buzzing with things to do, to think about your nutritional needs and dedicate time to dietary planning. It is so important that your body reaches the correct levels of nutrients and energy, as stated by the healthy eating guidelines. If your body is lacking in some of the necessities, then your performance may also be lacking, which is why high-quality supplements are a great option.

Realistic goal setting and prioritising of tasks

Planning tasks and delegating jobs is a fundamental step to ticking off tasks and getting one step closer to the result, without all the stress involved of not knowing where to start and the belief that it can be done after work hours. Planning will give you a better idea of when the end result can be expected, so you don’t disappoint your manager and you meet realistic timeframes.

Take a break throughout the day

That 30 minutes extra behind your desk won’t make or break your future in that job, but it can make or break your future mental and physical health. A staggering75% of Australiansfeel that they cannot spare any time for a rest or meal due to an overwhelming workload. Take the 30 minutes that you’re entitled to, take the 10 minutes to have a healthy snack, and the other 10 minutes to get some fresh air outside.

Only 30 minutes of exercise per day

Exercising for as little as30 minutes per day is recommended for essential well-being, to distract you from the negative thoughts or worries you have on your mind, improve your sleep patterns, change the levels of chemicals in your brain that improve your mood, and lower long-term risks of physical illness.

We live to enjoy ourselves, and to enjoy ourselves we work hard. To work hard, many of us neglect the things that truly matter the most, our health.

This cycle can be deadly, and the whether you’re a business owner, or a staff member under the pump, wellness begins with a proper work-life balance.



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