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About Us

In 2006, Australian Nutrition and Sports was founded in Australia by Tom Lashan after discovering a lack of high-quality supplementation in the market to assist in balancing all of life’s demands in good health.

Australian Nutrition and Sports firmly supports a balanced diet with quality supplementation for ultimate wellness. Consuming a wide variety of foods is essential to promoting health and reducing the risk of chronic disease. However, everyday men and women are falling short of the recommended daily intake of nutrients, reporting high rates of diet-related diseases in 2018.

ANS supplements play a vital role in ensuring you receive adequate amounts of Protein, Vitamins and Minerals in your overall diet. Being healthy is becoming more and more complex, and we're here to deliver you straight.

A team striving to make quality, consistent and efficacious products - Formulations are developed by a team of Nutritionists and Senior Food Technologists, that genuinely help people with their health and well being goals. Everything we do is straight up and reflects our values. We believe in authenticity, respect and tolerance. 

Our vision is to help create a healthier and happier world, supporting you from your early years to your senior years, with convenient and sustainable products tailored to suit the nutritional needs at your stage of your life.