Travis Cloke



Australian Football Legend

Travis Cloke is one of the best key forwards that AFL has ever seen, with outstanding endurance and strength, his performance at centre half forward was nothing short of vital for the Collingwood football club’s success. Playing over 250 games, Travis was a multiple goal-scorer on numerous occasions and notably kicked a total of 452 goals since 2005.

Since ending his football career, Travis has dedicated much of his time advocating for mental health education in the AFL community, to support players who may be suffering and improve awareness and understanding of mental health. 

'Playing AFL for 13 years and coaching the women's league has exposed me to one of the biggest hurdles that athletes face. The focus we have for maintaining high fitness levels means that good nutrition is often less of a priority. As training changes every week, there is difficulty in consistently consuming the sustenance needed to replenish and recover your body properly. 

I continue to have my trusted supplements everyday to make sure that I consume the components that i may, or may not lack from my diet.'

How do you stay fit and healthy with full time work, a young girl, and a farm?

Love going for walks with my wife and daughter with our dogs, it's family time. Also i like to head to our local F45 to get my daily workout in. With time being limited in my day it really helps to organise myself and schedule the sessions in to my week.

Do you only consume ANS products when you are exercising? 

I like to keep a couple of ANS bars and drink and go's in my car just in case i need a snack throughout the day. It stops me from buying something unhealthy when i'm in a rush or on the road driving. I'm not into fast food, so ANS snacks are perfect to keep me going until lunch or dinner. It all tastes amazing, which helps a lot! 

Which ANS product is your favourite? 

I honestly don't have a favourite, because they all serve a different purpose for me. ANS Energy Gels are ideal for me before F45 to get my energy levels up and make sure I am working my hardest. The protein bars are perfect for me everyday to keep me going until my next meal, or as a snack with my coffee, and the Drink and Go shakes are my go to after a workout. These products tick the boxes for me in all areas!